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Track actions by users

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Ability to track events such as onclick, etc... so that we data on what the user is doing on site.



Posted on
Aug 25 2016


Thanks for this feature request! The ability to track user events is being planned - we're just scoping this feature at the moment.

If anyone has any other suggestions for this feature, we'd love to hear it below.

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Posted on
Mar 19 2019

We recently released new logins with new types of permissions. Currently I have each login bookmarked and can quickly pull up tracking on each one then need to drill into their sessions to acquire more details.

It would be helpful with the tracking of their actions if:

  1. I could flag users to be tracked (So I did not have to maintain bookmarks)
  2. 'Real User Monitoring' allows filters and one new filter could then be added for 'Flagged' . This will quickly sort out the tracked users.
  3. When drilling down into a user, currently each user session is separated out and within the secession it list out a lengthy timeline, which is great, but I would like total counts of each url accessed to get a feel for what each user is using most. Maybe the ability to collapse the timeline down to just URL counts.


Posted on
Oct 13 2020

We'd like to be able to track the behaviour of our code, sometimes only on a short-term basis. We have JS for instance that attempts to reconnect to the server on disconnect. It'd be good to log a reconnect attempt, to understand the portion of connects vs reconnects, how many reconnects are happening on a single page, to try and attribute a cause.