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Hello ,

I would like to introduce you to Segment, a customer data hub that collects our data and translates it to analytics and marketing tools we use with the flip of a switch. Because we use Segment as a way to eliminate our need to do additional technical instrumentations, I'm requesting that you join the platform. This will be necessary for us to trial pulse.

Benefits of partnering with Segment include:

• Growing with Segment — Some partners see 30-35% new signups from them! • Reduced time-to-sale by reducing integration time to the flip of a switch • Reaching new enterprise customers and more customers from new platforms

Segment has a straightforward integration process you can read about here: http://segment.com/partners

Are you willing to move forward with joining the platform? I’m willing to be a beta customer, and test the integration once it’s live.




John-Daniel Trask

Posted on
Jan 28 2016


We're very keen about this but sadly Segment respond saying they're not accepting new integrations at present (which is a pretty bad sign IMO...)

If they start accepting new integrations again, we'll jump at the chance. If you'd like to contact segment and ask them to allow us to integrate, that would be greatly appreciated.

John-Daniel Trask