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Feature Request

JIRA OAuth for on-prem installations

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We tried the JIRA integration of Raygun and the principle is nice but is has two major flaws:

  1. You have to enter a set of user credentials for the integration.
  2. All interactions (new tickets and comments) are logged in JIRA under that one single user name no matter who triggered the action in Raygun.

I see that a new OAuth plugin for JIRA has been added, but this is no use to us as it only appears to work for the Atlassian hosted versions of JIRA. There is not way I can enter the URL of our on-prem installation of JIRA. I was hoping that the OAuth version would avoid sharing user credentials and also allow impersonation based on email address of Raygun users. Without these two things (OAuth for on-prem and impersonation) the JIRA plugin is a nice gimmick but not really suitable for production use in my books. Thanks.

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