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Unmerge errors in groups

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This is the opposite of merging errors. We need the ability to ungroup/unmerge the wrongfully grouped errors. We currently use Raygun on the Javascript side of our application and we see so many inaccurate grouping of errors. When we fix some of the errors in a group we can not change the status of the error group because it contains other errors which are not resolved yet.

It may be hard to detect the error identity no matter how much the grouping logic is improved because of the varying information the different browsers supply. So there can always be wrong groupings. In order to overcome this on our side you can add a user-friendly feature like "ungroup errors" and "ungroup error into a new group". This way we can process the errors (add correct comment to the error groups/ change error status) more effectively.



Posted on
Jul 16 2015

+1 incorrectly grouped errors is a huge hassle for our team that ends up hiding important errors.

Our application can create several unique errors in one part of the flow, but because they all share the same stack trace they all get incorrectly grouped together.


Guy Sartorelli

Posted on
Nov 29 2021

Recently had this issue as well and while there is the ability to define a custom grouping method there's still no guarantee that the custom method will get it right every time. If there are two separate bugs in the same group then we can't ignore or resolve the entire group until both separate bugs are dealt with which can in the worst case incur additional costs.