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Feature Request

Integration with intercom.io

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We use intercom.io to communicate with our users, and to keep a basic log of the features they have been using in our app. When I get a bug report in Raygun, it would be nice to be able to jump easily to that user in intercom, so I can see more about them, and to get some more context about what they might have been doing prior to the error occurring.

This could be as simple as a link from the "Affected user" page that I can click on to open that same user in Intercom (we use the same numeric ID for users between Raygun and intercom). I guess I could construct that link myself and send it as a tag or something along with the error report, but that's work I would have to duplicate for each of my Raygun clients (javascript and 2 x c#)

When I'm in Intercom, being able to see a list of bugs that the user has experienced would be awesome too, but that's probably something I would need to ask Intercom.

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