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Feature Request

Can we add two more statues i.e. InProgress and OnHold?

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Having OnHold and InProgress status will help in monitoring the items.


Adam Hull

Posted on
Jul 16 2013

I use the Active status as a sort of inbox. Active items need fixed or ignored. If I decide a fix needs some serious code, I file it in our separate development queue. I'm not sure what to do with issues after I've written them up but before the fix has been coded and deployed. If I leave them Active, they clutter up my error inbox and I have a harder time remembering which issues I've already filed. Ignoring isn't quite right. If we determined a fix is in order, the error will almost certainly get logged again before the fix is out. Now Active is cluttered again and I get a noisy email.

Possible solutions include:

  1. an Inbox view of errors I haven't acknowledged yet. Errors wouldn't reappear in the inbox until I mark the group resolved or ignored.
  2. an InProgress status that I manually have to move errors out of when a fix is deployed. This behaves much like Permanently Ignored, but my Permanently Ignored status is already cluttered with spider errors and such that make updating status post-deploy painful.

I think I'd prefer an Inbox.



Posted on
May 04 2016

Ideally this would be configurable. Each account or application set up would allow for a few custom statuses. For us, I would rather have a new status of "Assigned" to note that the error is assigned to a developer for fixing, then perhaps another one for "In Progress". As it is now, I can assign several errors to a developer, but there is zero visual indication on the main screen listing errors that I've done anything. It becomes difficult to manage what's new, what's assigned, etc.



Posted on
Aug 23 2016

Hi all,

Customizable statuses is something we're looking into at the moment. Thank you those who have already offered suggestions. If anyone has further suggestions, please post them here!

Kind regards,