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Resolve the issue in a particular version

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When an issue is fixed, it may not be deployed to production (or to all the hosts) for some time. I'd like to mark the issue as resolved in Raygun with the version, such that any additional instances of the issue would be ignored until the said version. For example,

  • an instance occurs on version 100
  • an instance occurs on version 101
  • issue is fixed in version 110 and marked as resolved on version 110
  • an instance occurs on version 105 (ignored as it has been fixed on a higher version)
  • an instance occurs on version 109 (ignored as it has been fixed on a higher version)
  • an instance occurs on version 111 (re-activate the issue)
  • an instance occurs on version 109 (a host that hasn't been upgraded yet, ignored as it has been fixed on a higher version)

The problem is what is a "version". It is easy to associate version with source control ... however, versions in different source control systems work very differently. For example, subversion uses increasing integers which can be used to determine which version is more recent (assume same branch), but git uses hashes which are pretty useful for this purpose.

Perhaps some sort of timestamp would work better ... for example, both git and subversion seem to display "Fri Jun 21 09:45:04 2013 -0700" or "2013-06-20 17:30:05 -0700" with each change.



John-Daniel Trask

Posted on
Jun 25 2013

This is something we are looking to add (it's something we'd personally love as well).

You're indeed correct that versioning is a challenge if you base it off the source control system. We'd ideally want to use that for languages that don't support explicit versioning (JavaScript and PHP come to mind). Languages that do support versioning (.NET for example) I think version numbers would be fine. An adaptive strategy for the provider would be one way to manage this.

How we tackle this means it won't be something we add really soon due to some of the questions we need to figure out answers to. Make no mistake: we will be adding this feature.

Thanks for your thoughts!

John-Daniel Trask
Mindscape Limited



Posted on
Aug 01 2014

This feature is perhaps even more important for software that is distributed rather than being sold as a service. It is is extremely annoying to be constantly reminded about long fixed bugs because your customers refuse to upgrade.

We have only recently implemented Raygun in our application, but past experience tells me this could become a significant issue for us.

I know this change is already being planned, but anything you can do to expedite it would be much appreciated.



Posted on
Sep 12 2014

This would be a huge difference-maker for us. Any insight you can share on the status of this would be great



Posted on
Oct 08 2014

This feature has now been completed and is available in the Application view, the Error Group view and from Search. From the Application view, select one or more error groups then click 'Change Status...', and from the Error Group view click on the Active status change dropdown to find 'Resolve in version...'. Clicking this will show a dialog allowing you to select the version to resolve. This can be an arbitrary version, or a specific one that appears in the dropdown.

For more details, see https://raygun.io/blog/2014/09/mark-errors-resolved-specific-versions/.