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Feature Request

API endpoint for creating applications

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Stefan Kip

The Raygun API should get an extra endpoint for creating new applications, so when we start a project we can create a new Raygun application on the fly.

As far as I can judge only an application name parameter is required and the response should be the API key of the new application.


Brian Surowiec

Posted on
Feb 13 2017

I'd like to see this as well. I'm researching what will be needed to setup review apps and which of our dependencies have an API to let us automate creating new environments. This would be much better than using a single application with a tag per environment.

The functionality I'd like to see is:

  • Create application
  • Delete application
  • Add integration (to link this to a Slack room, and possibly to the GitHub repo)


Posted on
Dec 11 2018

I would also really like to see this too.