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Feature Request

APM for .Net Core 3.x

Current Status:




"Support for ASP.NET Core 3.x and Linux coming soon" has been written on the website for over a year @ https://raygun.com/documentation/language-guides/dotnet/apm/net-core/. All of our systems are built on .Net Core 3.x and this platform is gaining more and more traction due to its flexibility. With C# being one of the top 10 languages in use today and 57% of C# developers building their applications on .Net Core so they are platform agnostic, Raygun is missing out on a sizable customer base by not having this capability.




Posted on
Aug 22 2023


I'm tidying up our feature requests, as some of these have been done but not updated.

While we did have support for .NET 3.#, to make this update more current, we presently have full support for .NET 6 / 7, and likely 5 also.

Full framework is still supported on v4.6.2 upwards.

Thanks, Phill