Raygun Feature Request

Feature Request

Have apm agent as a background process of app rather than needing to install on the server ahead of time (for .net core apps)

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This is more of a musing question, very easy to ask but implementing is likely to be very hard (So feel free to throw into the to hard 'backlog' basket :P

Installing the APM agent on a server is hard. Doing it is relatively easy, but getting permission from ops etc may be harder. Also is not always possible for come 'cloud' and 'serverless' offerings

I was wondering if you could use the new .Net core trace api (Named pipe of trace events).

So add a nuget package and a line in the StartUp. Which on app start:

  1. Opens the named pipe belonging to itself
  2. Collect trace events, filtering out trace events for the raygun tracing code
  3. Publish to the APM stack


  1. Use the ProcessStartInfo class to start a stand alone (bundled) apm exe
  2. Open the namedpipe of the original app
  3. Collect trace events
  4. Publish to the APM stack
  5. Kill/clean up the hosted process apm exe on app close

I am guessing there may be process security permissions which would block this from even getting off the ground. But if it could work it would make deploying apm as easy as setting up RayGun Crash reporting

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