Raygun Feature Request

Feature Request

Display RUM data by subdomain as well as domain without having to change grouping rules.

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We have several domains (mysite1.com, mysite2.com, etc.) and several thousand subdomains (abc.mysite1.com, xyz.mysite1.com, etc.). We are interested in viewing RUM data for each of our customers (subdomain-level) and across the whole platform (domain-level). Currently, the only way to accomplish this is by changing the grouping rules, which changes the display of the entire application, or to add the entire application into Raygun again, which would double our bill.

We came over from New Relic, as we were only using the RUM feature of New Relic (Browser tool), and this ability to view data grouped by both domain and subdomain simultaneously is a sorely needed.

Thank you, Nick

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