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RUM: show slowes requests

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Marc Schöchlin

Our application experiences occasional performance problems.

To analyze or solve that type of problems, it would be great to have a additional view at the RUM/performace view which displays the 10 slowest requests in the time frame.

"Slowest & most requested pages" is not what i am searching for, because this only shows a aggregate.



Zheng Li

Posted on
Jan 08 2021

Hi Marc,

We made a number of improvements to Real User Monitoring last year, that made it possible to see the sessions and users that experienced the slowest page loads by URL.

We can absolutely make it work with top-level as well and it would be very useful. We don't have any immediate timeframe set around this feature currently, however I will be sure to update this forum once this is live in production.

Thanks for your feature request.

Zheng Li

VP of Product at Raygun