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Add a "Median load time" value

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I think average values can be completely leading us to think our site is slow and that median value reflect something a bit more realist.

If you have 1 people out of 10 that had a 45s load (timeout for a partner that was unreachable at the time you load the page) and all others loads between 500ms and 1000ms you'll have an average around 5000ms which is far from reflecting what a real user have in general

What do you think about having median value on the top of average values ?



Zheng Li

Posted on
Jan 08 2021

Hi bgermain,

Raygun Real User Monitoring now supports histogram and median load times in all our charts, plus other granular diagnostics. You can learn more about the improvements here.

Thank you for your feature request, we hope you like the improvements that we've recently made.

Zheng Li VP of Product at Raygun