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Expand/collapse errors on dashboard to see origin pages causing it

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It would be awesome if it would be possible to expand/collapse the errors on the dashboard so that it reveals the origin pages causing the problem. For example one type of error is, in my case, often caused by one or a few pages on my website, but I have no easy way of seeing how many of those errors are caused by one and the same page/place in the source code.

It would really make the bug-fix procedure more effective, for me. And would give a clear view of were the most effective bug-fix areas are.



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Dec 16 2014

Plus one for, in general, more details for each error on the dashboard. Having to dive into each error to get the full title or a bit of the stacktrace is extremely cumbersome when dealing with a large volume of errors. This is compounded by the app not remembering your place in the dashboard list when you navigate back.