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Feature Request

Support for Linux clients (C++)

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According to Raygun support, Linux is not supported and only Windows is supported for C++ clients. This seems odd to me personally as I believe all of the heavy lifting on the client end is done by Google's Breakpad, which does support Linux (with a different implementation strategy). I don't think it would be that much work to use the sending utilities provided by the Linux variant of Breakpad.

Even if this is not possible, I don't see why the documentation wouldn't at least include this limitation. None of your promotional material or documentation seems to include any platform limitations. The section on C++ support at the very least should specify that only Windows is supported if only Windows is supported.



Zheng Li

Posted on
Oct 17 2018

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the feature request. We've created a task to look into adding the Linux implementation strategy into our C++ documentation in the near future.

In the mean time, we've made a note on the above documentation page to mention that we only support Windows at this time with C++, as per your suggestion.

We will keep you posted when there is an update on this feature request.




Jeppe Frandsen

Posted on
Oct 28 2019


Do you have any updates regarding Linux support? Thanks.

Kind Regards, Jeppe