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Feature Request

Configurable threshold where RayGun stops retaining messages

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It would be nice if there were some way to tell RayGun to drop messages on the floor if a certain threshold is being hit. At some level all those 'extra' errors provide us with very little new information and just hammers our retention quota, causing us to lose important errors in our history.

Example Setting(s)

  • Stop Retaining Errors if:
    • we keep getting the same exact error at a rate of x times/minute
    • once we have gotten the same exact error y times in the same day
  • Send Notification that you stopped retaining reports for a particular message



Posted on
Jan 01 2015

This would be very helpful. We recently had a noisy exception that ran us over our limit very quickly and we lost the exception data for all our of current issues we were working on.



Posted on
Jun 18 2016

We just had the same scenario: one error in a service flooded out our account limit, but each successive logging of the error provided no additional information. Fortunately, it happened at the end of our billing cycle, but we could have lost use of Raygun for a month if this had happened earlier in the month.

Realistically, if we have a thousand or more reports of an error, we aren't getting more value out of additional copies of the report.

It might be nice to know how many times the error happened for prioritization, so a bonus to this change would be that the error count could reflect the dropped errors even though the reports were not stored. However, that isn't the most important part.


Guy Sartorelli

Posted on
Nov 29 2021

Is this not just spike protection? If it is, this is implemented so this suggestion can be closed IMO.