See a complete picture of your software health, in one place

Integrate Raygun into your apps and monitor every part of your software stack in one tool. Bring your whole team and your software monitoring together into one groundbreaking platform.

Track down every bug

Discover, understand and solve every error and crash affecting your users

  • Every language and platform
  • In-depth error diagnostics
  • Smart grouping and notifications
  • Works alongside your current tools
Error Tracking and Crash Reporting Software

Visualize your app performance

Uncover poor user experiences due to slow page loads and network calls

  • 360 degree view of app performance
  • Full breakdown of page timings
  • View end to end user sessions
  • Monitor real user experiences
Raygun's real user monitoring performance dashboard

Dive into user sessions

See every user of your application and issue they’ve encountered within individual sessions

Individual users timeline

Remove performance bottlenecks

Server-side application performance monitoring that brings a whole new dimension to how you build and maintain software

  • Modern, next generation APM
  • Monitor server performance
  • Built-in issue creation
  • Automatic links to source
Raygun's Application performance management flameshart.

See if things get better or worse

Track new deployments and identify when and how a problem was introduced

  • Support for all major deployment tools
  • See if errors are resolved or introduced
  • View how releases affect software health
  • Version tracking and usage stats

Start fixing issues in your codebase within minutes

Resolve problems with greater speed and accuracy. Fix bugs. Improve performance. Bring your whole team!

Minutes to set up. No credit card required.

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