General Slowness


Posted on
Aug 10 2017


Over the last few weeks we have noticed general slowness on crash reporting loading and error details loading. Sometimes having to refresh the page multiple times to get anything to load. On these occasions I have tried both chrome and firefox and seen the same on both. This has been noticed across my entire team.

Is this a know issue? Is there a service status page we can check?


John-Daniel Trask


Posted on
Dec 22 2017

Hi Niall,

Sorry about the delay in replying here (not sure how we missed the thread). We've been working on improving performance in general. The nature of our product is that we do work to make it fast, then the growth in data tends to lead to some slowness again. We have a program of work to get more in front of this in 2018.

In general, since posting this you should see improvements, but there will be more in future (the team are already aware of some hot spots they can improve upon).

We do have a status page here:

Kind regards,

John-Daniel Trask