raygun npm with gulp


Posted on
Mar 18 2017

Hello guys,

Im trying to add raygun to my javascript proyect. I have a build file with gulp, and I try to add the package to my project.

What I did is the following:

-. run npm install raygun4js --save command, that add some data to my package. json file

"dependencies": { "raygun4js": "^2.6.0-SNAPSHOT.5" },

-. require that package in my build file

var rg4js = require('raygun4js')

but when I try to run my gulp I've get the following error:

...\node_modules\raygun4js\dist\raygun.umd.js:1195 }(window)); ^

ReferenceError: window is not defined

What Im missing?



Posted on
Mar 20 2017

Thanks for reporting this - for the time being please change it to the latest stable version "raygun4js": "^2.5.3". We'll debug this issue further however for the release of the next version.