Deployments and Raygun


Posted on
Feb 04 2017

When we deploy code, we normally deploy 15+ applications. This tends to cause some apps to throw some errors (which are expected) to Raygun. This create a lot of noise and pointless errors being sent to Raygun. Is there a way to disable Raygun notifications during deployments?

John-Daniel Trask


Posted on
Feb 06 2017

Hi Dan,

Not really at the moment. We have a backlog item for an API call to resolve all errors, so in theory you could call that at the end of your deployment script (hopefully the errors have died down then). That's coming in a few months time.

Putting on my developer hat, I guess one other idea would be to have your code somehow set the API Key to a blank string during the deployment. Typically our provides just go to sleep if the API key is an empty string. You could then set the API key at the end of the deployment (only really works if you're storing it in some sort of config file however).

Sorry I don't have a better answer for you right now Dan. Do either of those sound like they could work?

John-Daniel Trask