Removing unnecessary files from Source Map Center after certain period of time?


Posted on
Jan 09 2017

Every time we deploy our application, our deploy script posts new source map files to Raygun. For now, we have manually deleted the old files that are no longer needed. However, as we will soon start to deploy our application more often, we feel like the manual removal of the files is going to be a pain in the ass. Is there any way to make Raygun remove files automatically after certain period of time (e.g. remove files older than 1 week)? If not, what would you suggest to make the removal of the files automatic?


Posted on
Jan 10 2017

Hi JonezS,

Currently we provide some API endpoints which allow you to manage files within the source map center including the ability to delete all or specific files from the source map center, these calls are documented at the bottom of the Source Maps documentation here:

I agree with you that being able to remove files older than a set period would be also be a good feature. I'll see if is possible for us to add another endpoint which allows you to delete all files uploaded before a specified time.

Hope this helps.