In the tags section of the Unity documentation, what is the "exception"?

Shea Dunne

Posted on
Sep 05 2016

What type is it? A string? And if so are both the message and stacktrace concatenated together?

It's not clear why an "exception" is sent with tags, but a "message" and "stacktrace" are sent in the case before it

And if the type is just an Exception, how do I get a hold of the exception from the log event? Or set the message and stacktrace to a newly created Exception being that they're read-only? And when I do declare a new Exception and pass it in along with the tags, it says both cannot be converted to a string, as if it's still expecting the message and stacktrace

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Jason Fauchelle


Posted on
Sep 06 2016

Hi Shea,

My apologies, the Tags documentation was incorrect so I've updated that now. You'll want to use the following method:

raygunClient.Send(message, stacktrace, tags, customData);

Where the message and stacktrace are the arguments to the HandleException callback, and customData can be null if you don't need to send any.

Let us know if you have further questions.

-Jason Fauchelle