Management of Releases.yml


Posted on
Jun 17 2016

I am just getting started with raygun and have configured my grunt process to update my deployments in raygun.

what i am trying to understand is the intended workflow around the management and update with the releases.yml file. Do you expect that the contents of that file contain pertinent info to the target release, or should we append each new releases info into that "ever growing" file? I guess it is the former where with each release, we need to replace existing content in the file with the current releases information?

Deleted User

Posted on
Jul 23 2016

Hello, Steven!

In looking at both the Ruby Gem and NPM package for the deployment integrations, there is no checking for multiple versions (currently) within the release file so you would need to replace the existing content with each new release.

Please let us know if you have any further questions!