Integration to 'in-house' JIRA


Posted on
Mar 17 2016

We are planning to integrate Raygun to our in-house JIRA installation. Therefore we should white-list calls from Raygun in our firewall. I'm wondering if Raygun is having fixed list of IPs that we could white-list?

Or is there better way to handle integration in this kind of case?


Posted on
Apr 02 2016

I'm interested for any details on integrating with self hosted jira as well.


Posted on
Apr 04 2016

Hey guys,

Raygun supports self-hosted JIRA instances using the username+password setup. We don't have a list of IPs that data will posted from currently, though you're welcome to get in touch using the 'Feedback' button in app to get the current IP. It will change randomly though as AWS likes to do

Regards, Daniel


Posted on
Jul 14 2016


Thanks for the info. I have another question. Do you have any experience or documentation from other customers on integrating with a JIRA instance that is not publicly addressable? Like using nginx for a reverse proxy setup...

Thanks, Jeremy

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Posted on
Dec 20 2016

Sorry we don't have any guidance on this as every setup/environment will be different.