Not able to get the app crashing details in crashreporting page


Posted on
Mar 03 2016

Hi ,

I have created one phonegap mobile application using webix,javascript and angularJS and I am using rayGun crashReporting trial version in my application.I tried to crash my app by javascript code but I didn't get any notification in my crashreporting page.please help me out for this issue

Here are the steps which I followed:-

1> Added the following plugin in my application : cordova plugin add

2> Added following code in application [in ondeviceReady function]


Deleted User

Posted on
Dec 27 2016


Unfortunately we do not own or maintain the cordova plugin you linked in your question but you should be able to utilize our raygun4js provider to capture your Javascript exceptions. If you have any specific questions about that cordova plugin you'll need to contact the plugin owner/maintainer reallyenglish or andhapp who made the most recent commit to the repository on GitHub.

Thank you and let us know if you have any other questions we can help with!

Jesse, Developer Evangelist at Raygun