Can I consume the data using the Restful API?

Michael James

Posted on
Nov 23 2013


I am looking at adding the ability for my users to see a basic overview of the the current active errors when they try to log a bug. This way they can quickly see if the bug is unique to them or a widespread issue.

I've had a look at the Restful API but it seems only for Posting and not Getting. I've read a post from July that mentions you are working on the public API. I'm interested in hearing if you have any updates on this? Although its not critical, it would be really useful to be able to query the data in Raygun.

All the best, Mike

John-Daniel Trask


Posted on
Nov 27 2013

Hi Michael,

As you've noticed the API is currently POST-only. We definitely still have the full public REST API including GETs planned, but unfortunately at this stage it's still a wee while away. Tentatively we're looking at early 2014 but there's no firm date yet. We're really excited about opening the platform up to the community and seeing what stuff can be built around your data, so we want to get the right features and developer UX in place when the public API is finally available.

We will let you know when this feature is close to beta release. Thanks for checking out Raygun!


Callum Gavin


Posted on
May 22 2014


Is this something you work on? Should we expect for it to happen in the near future?

Sorry to bother you with these silly questions, but we really need the ability to access data problematically.



Posted on
May 26 2014

Definitely not a silly question, we understand the need for GET API endpoints and it is most certainly on our roadmap. Unfortunately we've had to prioritize several architecture and scaling improvements that needed to be completed first so we're now calling the schedule for a full public REST API to be due in the medium term from now - not close I'm sorry to report.

We are still keeping an eye on the feature requests for this one so feel free to add any particular routes or data you'd like access to - the feedback will be valuable when the time comes for this feature.

Sorry I can't provide a specific timeframe, but we'll let you know when we have concrete details.


Callum Gavin
Mindscape Limited


Posted on
May 29 2014

You guys really need to get moving on this API, it's been on the roadmap since 2013. I like your service, but this is a showstopper, and will soon lead to a loss of my business.

Posted on
Oct 14 2014

Bumping this again.


Posted on
Oct 14 2014

Hi all,

I know this is eagerly aniticapted, we are working as fast as we can on it. We have recently completed the OAuth side of this which means you can set up your applications to talk to the Raygun API using OAuth. We will look to have something that you can call very shortly.

Thanks for holding on



Posted on
Mar 12 2015

Wondering if there's been any headway on this? This could make or break our decision to purchase Raygun.

We need to be able to pull this data via API, if the Raygun interface doesn't give us the granular data we need (and it may not).

John-Daniel Trask


Posted on
Mar 16 2015

Hi Tory,

It's in use with some of our enterprise customers now and we're working on performance improvements to open it up to a wider audience. Generally speaking, continually improving performance has been a focus since we launched due to the success of the platform (high quality problem, but does slow things down unfortunately).

If it's a blocker, feel free to get in touch with me directly and we can look into making it available:

We're also getting feedback from the current users on the types of calls they want to be able to make.

Kind regards,


Ted A

Posted on
May 17 2017

It's now 2017... where is this API?

All I want is to be able to send a GET and get the details of a given error instance.

Would be awesome if just that simple GET details were available!


Posted on
May 31 2017