Source map URLs and hostname


Posted on
Dec 05 2015

The instructions for the source map center say that the linked URLs for map files and js have to be 'absolute' -- how does this work for apps that can be accessed from multiple hostnames and/or ports?

I'm trying to set this up for an internal application behind a firewall but the way our network is set up, the app is actually served behind multiple virtual hostnames. Do I actually have to upload the maps multiple times and attach a different absolute URL to each? Or is it possible to just use an absolute path, e.g. "/public/" and leave off the hostname? (I've tested this and it doesn't seem to work, unless I'm doing it wrong.)


Posted on
Dec 07 2015

Hi Todd,

At the moment you will have to upload multiple files for each hostname.

You could also add an onBeforeSend handler to the raygun4js client to normalize the hostnames for reported errors to avoid this.

We have plans to develop support for wildcard matching of URL's in the future.

Best regards,

Any updated on wildcard matching?

Posted on
Dec 11 2018

I'm working on a project that changes the URL upon each deployment. Not having wildcard matching renders the whole sourcemap center unusable in our case. I'm sobbing.