Functioning Slack User @Mentions


Posted on
Aug 01 2022

Edit - Please view the attached picture for an example of the bug I am reporting and the feature request this thread is making.

Edit #2 - I connected my slack account, but I doubt the other user connected his slack account. This would explain why the @mention to @Joseph Burger appeared with (broken) slack user-mention tagging syntax, but the other username did not.

I noticed that when @mentioning a username in a Raygun crash report's comments section, the digest update notification sent through the Slack chat app integration to the corresponding Slack channel does not correctly @mention the Slack user. I've copied some of the text from Slack into this forum post; in the copied text, the user mention @Joseph Burger appears as: <@UU923B2SD|Joseph>. Furthermore, though not depicted in this copied and pasted text, it appears as plain text in Slack. This means Slack's red dot user-mention alert feature won't recognize that a user was pinged; the text from Raygun is simply treated as plain text. Furthermore, in the 2nd message, I tagged a different user. There wasn't even an attempt to wrap the username @elliot_fiske with any kind of tag syntax. It came through as syntax-less plain text, even though the username @elliot_fiske appeared in the @mention dropdown list of taggable usernames in Raygun.

Is this a bug or is everything working as intended? I'd say everything must be working as intended, and there was never an intention to get the Raygun slack integration to correctly @mention Slack users, except that it looks like the first mention (<@UU923B2SD|Joseph>) actually is trying to @mention a Slack user. This leads me to believe there might be a bug with the Raygun Slack integration.


As a Slack user concerned about being notified about being mentioned in discussions on's crash report comment threads, I would like it if the Raygun Slack app integration would correctly @mention my username in Slack, such that Slack adds the little red "you've been tagged" dot to the corresponding channel, and also puts the Raygun Slack app integration's chat message in my Slack app's section for listing all my username @mentions.