Dump Users List


Posted on
Dec 06 2021


Im trying to dump all the users who access to our RayGun org, cannot find a straight way to do it, neither an API, can someone help me? I need this for audit purposes, need to verify every user is still in our company.

Thank you for your help. Regards.

John-Daniel Trask


Posted on
Dec 06 2021

Hi Omar,

Thanks for getting in touch. Just to clarify, you mean the folks in your org who log into Raygun, not the users of your software that Raygun is integrated in? I'm assuming the former.

We don't have an ability to export that list (or via API). Just a first request for that honestly, which is why it's not there.

However, the 'Users' team in your Raygun account is the list of all users attached to your account. For a person to be a member of any other team, they need to be in the Users team. Therefore, that list is everyone, and if you remove them from the Users team, they are removed from having access to your account entirely.

Here's some documentation on this: https://raygun.com/documentation/raygun-for-teams/inviting-team-members/

If you do have hundreds of users making this still a challenge, let us know and we could look to manually do an export of the users email address for you too (hit "Contact Raygun" in the left hand side bar at https://app.raygun.com and it will come through to our support team with the context of your account).

I hope that helps Omar,