APM code filtering stopped working


Posted on
Mar 02 2021

Several months ago, I added a third party library to my APM code filtering excluded items. About a week ago, APM starting logging those traces again that should be excluded. This approximately coincided with the last Raygun agent update I installed on the server.


Posted on
Mar 12 2021

This is still ongoing. Our APM logs are filling up with calls to the SixLabors.ImageSharp library which should be filtered out by our "code filtering" settings.



Posted on
Mar 14 2021

Hi Doug,

We do currently have a error when attempting to download those images, but I have had a look at your account and I understand your problem.

I'll just make a clarification first: Code Filtering is intended to filter the methods from appearing within traces, it does not affect whether the traces themselves show up in Raygun. In your case you have both:

  1. Traces with names like "SixLabors.ImageSharp..." or "System.Threading.ThreadPoolWorkQueue.Dispatch"
  2. Traces containing methods from that SixLabors

Problem 1 is due to a bug that we are currently working to resolve, and problem 2 is intended to be solved by Code Filtering.

Code Filtering doesn't appear to be filtering out these SixLabors methods, and one possibility is that SixLabors uses a lot of asynchronous code. Do you expect that to be the case? If so, we can't filter those methods out because we need them so that we can track the sequence of events in order to build up a trace.

Another possibility is that your configuration file is misconfigured (we had problems in previous agent versions with this), it may help if you delete C:\ProgramData\Raygun\AgentSettings\agent-configuration.json and restart the agent so that the config can be regenerated.

It's also possible that it is a bug introduced recently, but looking at the changes nothing stands out to me. You could try installing the previous agent version to see if the SixLabors methods disappear from your traces.