How long to process dYSM?


Posted on
Jan 19 2021

I've uploaded the dYSM for iOS app version 1.30.47 and I got two crashes for the same version, but neither of them have been symbolized yet. I tried to reprocess, yet after 20 minutes, no change in symbolization. How long does symbolization from dYSM take?

I'm on the free trial (and this isn't my first upload) -- none of the builds I've uploaded were symbolized (and its been hours). How long does it take until dYSM symbolization can take place?

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Posted on
Jan 19 2021

Hi Rohan,

Sorry for the delay in replying to your dSYM issue. I have taken a look at your reports and found that the dSYM file that was uploaded is from a different build to the reports. The UUID of the dSYM file does not match any of the binary images loaded at the time the report was created on the original device. You can read about why the reports are failing to symbolicate in our documentation here:

I would recommend reviewing your development cycle to ensure that dSYM files are uploaded each time you make a build of your application. Please let me know if I can help any further.

Thank you, Mitchell.