Not all crashes available on Crash Reporting

Roy Raz

Posted on
Jun 17 2020


I received an email saying that a crash is still occurring. When clicking on the "View this error" link, I see an Active crash with Null Reference Exception, 173 Total instances, 35 Affected users, started 2 months ago, and the newest crash was 2 hours ago.

When I go to Crash Reporting I don't see this crash. I'm sorting by Count and the max value I have is 50 on another crash. I don't have any active filters.

This is just one example out of many.

Deleted User

Posted on
Jun 17 2020

Hi Roy

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know of the issue that you are experiencing.

I'll have a look into your account further and investigate what could be causing this behaviour for you. Can you please send an email to and let me know what account you are a member of and also what application this is occurring on?

Thanks, Jess