Raygun reporting a bunch of threads in each request, and not taking total timing into account


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Nov 08 2019

My traces in Raygun seem to be getting divided up into a bunch of different threads (I'm wondering if maybe this comes from each layer of my API being async?), and the request timing doesn't seem to be taking the total timing of all threads into account. Here is a screenshot example:


My guess is that each of these "Threads" Raygun is reporting are the different layers of my application, which are all implemented as async methods. Is that correct? If so this seems to make Raygun worthless to me since only the first thread is being counted in my request timing.

EDIT: my imgur link doesn't appear to be working so I've included the screenshot as an attachment.

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Posted on
Nov 08 2019


You are right - threads you see are the result of running asynchronous code and that is expected.

But the full time of the trace is incorrect. We will work on the fix as soon as possible.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and providing a helpful screenshot.

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Raygun APM Team