Using OAuth For More Secure JIRA Integrations

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We’ve listened to customers who were wary about sharing JIRA authentication details with third party tools and today have delivered a great update that solves this problem for users using (or wanting to use) JIRA + Raygun to keep on top of errors in their JIRA accounts.

First things first this feature allows users to authenticate with JIRA through OAuth tokenisation, meaning you don’t have to share any of your JIRA account details with us under this set up.

Instead, when you view our integrations list under your application settings you’ll find two JIRA options. The original set up remains but we have added the OAuth option.

JIRA setup

Setting this up with OAuth will take a little longer than the standard set up but the process is fairly straightforward, just follow the steps and you’ll be blasting error reports over to JIRA in minutes. Click on the Set Up tab to access the configuration details. Enter your JIRA URL in Step 6 and click go. You’ll be sent off to JIRA to authenticate with your account.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 1.57.48 pm

So that’s it, pretty simple huh? We hope this provides you with a better way to manage your JIRA integration set up and is another great addition to Raygun!

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5 Comments on “Using OAuth For More Secure JIRA Integrations”

  1. Lee Houghton

    I’d love to use this, but my JIRA isn’t hosted by Atlassian. Is it possible to use a custom JIRA URL?

    1. Frederik

      Same here, idea of OAuth sounds great, but doesn’t really help for on-premises installations if it forces you to use a * URL.

    2. Daniel Wylie

      Hey Lee,

      We’ve had a few people ask for this and we will be looking into this at some point – there’s a few issues around security that we need to think about first. Will definitely keep you up to date though.


  2. George

    This is only a partial solution as it still shows all jira issues as created by the user that set up the oauth credentials.

    1. Freyja Spaven

      “Thanks for your comment George. The Jira OAuth integration connects to one Raygun account to link and create Jira tickets. The OAuth implementation means that Raygun does not save a users Jira credentials. I hope this helps!”

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