Software Intelligence for creating flawless user experiences [Infographic]

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Many software teams today have lost visibility into errors affecting end users. If you’ve been relying on error logs and customers to report errors in your software, you could be missing a vital part of the story. How are users really experiencing your application?

We know that slow and buggy software causes end users to abandon applications. 52 percent say application load speed is important to their brand loyalty. Yet less than one percent report errors and performance problems. An integrated software intelligence platform is a more efficient way of managing these problems for software teams than relying on feedback from end users.

Software intelligence improves your user experience by helping you understand how, and in which environment people are using your applications. For example, did they run into software errors, or experience a slow loading page? Which page exactly, and what is wrong on that page to cause poor performance?

Software intelligence can help you answer all these questions.

Once software teams gain visibility into these problems, developer productivity skyrockets and deployments go a lot smoother, among many things.

Software intelligence infographic: How to create flawless customer experiences

We created this infographic to highlight some of the key benefits of integrating the Raygun Software Intelligence Platform. Find out how crash reporting, real user monitoring, deployment tracking and user tracking work together to provide your users with an excellent user experience every time.

Caring about UX at code level matters. Try Raygun free for 14 days to see just how powerful crash reporting, real user monitoring, deployment tracking and user tracking are together.

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