How Raygun’s security measures keep your customer’s data safe

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Raygun's security measures

At Raygun, we are serious about your privacy and sensitive information. Our software gives you the unique ability to drill down into individual user sessions so you can provide exceptional customer service. However, you may not want this potentially sensitive customer information from being collected by Raygun (especially if you work in the healthcare or finance industry.)

This article is a developer’s guide on Raygun’s security measures and how to prevent collecting any data through Raygun Crash Reporting and Real User Monitoring, and how to keep your own data secure.

We’ll go through:

Prevent sensitive data from being sent to Raygun Crash Reporting

Here’s how to remove sensitive data with the raygun4js provider. JavaScript was chosen because it’s one of our most popular requests.

If you’re using another language or framework, please follow the links to our documentation for showing you how to remove sensitive data:

Custom Data

If you are sending custom data you can easily filter sensitive information by providing an array of key names to exclude from the JSON error payload.

Here is the custom data I’m going to send:

In your document, under the other Raygun configuration code already there (like your Raygun API key):

…add the filterSensitiveData call and the array of key names to exclude:

When an error comes through to Raygun, the values for the keys will be replaced with [removed by filter].



Filter scope

If you want to filter out the value of any key in the JSON payload and not just in the custom data, add this snippet to your code:

Let’s say you wanted to filter out the Environment data from the payload, just add Environment to the filterSensitiveData array:



Filter using Regex

If you have dynamic strings you need to filter out, you can add RegExp objects to the filterSensitiveData array.

First, create the RegExp object:

Then simply add the variable to the filterSensitiveData array:


Need more information on filtering out sensitive data? Head to our JavaScript documentation

Prevent sensitive data from being sent to Real User Monitoring

You can send additional information about the currently logged in user to your site or web app by calling the setUser object.

If you don’t want to include identifiable information through Real User Monitoring, simply remove all the keys from the setUser object, except for the identifier.

identifier is the only required parameter for setUser, and is only required if you are using user tracking. NOTE: This parameter is named user in the setUser function.

identifier is used to uniquely identify the user within Raygun. You can make this value any string to uniquely identify your users (e.g. the user ID) without using identifiable information.


How Raygun’s safety measures keep your data secure

At Raygun, we’re committed to providing a secure service. We use a variety of strategies to protect your information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

Here are a few of the ways Raygun’s security measures provide comprehensive security for you, your customers and your applications.

Raygun keeps a log of user actions within the system so that changes that modify the configuration of your Raygun applications (e.g. enabling an integration with a 3rd party provider) or any destructive operations (e.g. deleting data) are clearly tracked and can be reviewed at any time.
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Data encryption
We encrypt all data that is transmitted between you (or your customers) and Raygun using industry-standard TLS (Transport Layer Security), protecting the information you send to us. Your data is also encrypted at rest when it is stored on our servers, and encrypted when we transfer it between data centres for backup and replication.

Data processing
Raygun only processes data for the applications where the customer has installed Raygun Crash Reporting or Real User Monitoring. We only extract specific parts of the data for indexing purposes to help you analyze the data at a high level.

Data retention
Data is maintained in our data stores in encrypted form for up to two weeks following removal which is either triggered by you, one of your team, or by Raygun’s data retention policies. After this period the data is completely removed from our systems to support your data retention and destruction policies.

Handling of sensitive data
Customers have complete control over the data which is transmitted to Raygun to remove any sensitive data prior to transmission. We provide options for handling this in our standard provider libraries or alternatively you can customize this implementation yourself.

We understand the need for teams working in the medical and financial industries to be compliant with the laws of their government. Raygun is HIPAA compliant and happy to work with you if you need any specific requirements.
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Secure data centres
Raygun is hosted within enterprise-grade hosting facilities that employ robust physical security controls to prevent physical access to the servers they house. These controls include 24/7/365 monitoring and surveillance, on-site security staff and regular ongoing security audits. Raygun maintains multiple geographically separated data replicas and hosting environments to minimize the risk of data loss or outages.

Service security
Raygun has multiple layers of security controls to protect access to and within our environment – including firewalls, intrusion protection systems and network segregation.

Our security services are configured, monitored and maintained according to industry best practice. We partner with industry-leading security vendors to leverage their expertise and global threat intelligence to protect our systems. We also conduct regular independent third party penetration tests to validate application and network security of our systems.

User management
We provide standard access to Raygun’s software through a login and password. Optionally two factor authentication can also be enabled to provide additional security for your user account. Enterprise customers also have the option to utilize SAML based Single Sign On (SSO).

You control access
The application’s owners group gives rights to administer a subscription. Anyone who is an owner can control everything – not just the person who holds the subscription.
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We hope we have answered any questions that you have about Raygun’s security measures, and how we keep your data safe.

If you have questions or have any specific requirements we can help with, reach out here and a team member will be in touch.

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