Raygun integrates with Sprint.ly

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I’m pleased to announce that Raygun now integrates with Sprint.ly!

We actually integrated late last year but didn’t formally announce it. Sprint.ly is obviously much loved since we found so many users discovered the integration and started using it! You can read more about our integration here.

So what can you do with Sprint.ly integration? You can now attach an error group to a Sprint.ly issue that already exists, or create a new item in Sprint.ly from an error group. All directly from within Raygun. Nice and easy.

So, how do you go about this? If you’re on a small plan or larger you can go into the Application Settings of the app you want to connect to Sprint.ly, enter your details and you’re all set! Done!

It couldn’t be easier. The great thing is that now you’re even more agile in resolving software bugs and delivering fantastic user experiences.

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