Raygun for NancyFX and .NET Core: New community provider

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Raygun is happy to announce we have a new community provider, this time for NancyFX and .Net Core.

The Raygun for NancyFX provider uses the Nancy framework, which is a lightweight, low-ceremony framework based on Ruby Sinatra. NancyFX is famous for being completely self contained with its own request and response objects. This makes it easy to setup and easy to use – great for lightweight development or prototyping.

With lightweight projects it’s still important to protect your software from crashes and errors. During prototyping, for example, your time is much better spent creating better functionality for your users rather than reproducing errors. Therefore a software intelligence platform like Raygun helps by helping you to allocate precious developer resources to the right projects at the right time.

You can now integrate the Raygun platform into your .NET Core Nancy applications. If you are building a project in .NET Core and using NancyFX, you may have struggled to get the Mindscape.Raygun4Net.AspNetCore to work.

Dale Henries from International Relief organisation Samaritan’s Purse used the Nancy.Raygun provider to start the Nancy.Raygun.AspNetCore project to make it easier for others to get the benefits of the Raygun platform. Thanks Dale!  

Find the original Nancy.Raygun provider on GitHub here.

Find the Nancy.Raygun.AspNetCore here.

Here’s how to install and configure Raygun for NancyFX

This library is based on Phillip Haydon’s Nancy.Raygun which was created for classic .NET Nancy applications, from the original library https://github.com/MindscapeHQ/raygun4net from Raygun. The purpose of this library is to provide the same functionality for .NET Core Nancy applications.

You can find a nuget package that enables Raygun for NancyFX here.

Installing Nancy.Raygun.AspNetCore

Using Nuget, install the Nancy.Raygun.AspNetCore package by adding it to you project.json:

Configuring Raygun

Add the following code to your appsettings.json:

Nancy should automatically pull in and set up raygun via NancyRaygunRegistration which is an IApplicationStartup.

Do you have a community provider you’d like to submit?

We want to thank all our customers that are out there building community providers. If you build a community provider, we’d like to hear from you! Contact us here to let us know.

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