Get more visibility into deployments with Raygun and Codeship

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Deploying safely, continuously and at a consistent quality is at the heart of continuous delivery. And that’s where Raygun and Codeship come in. Continuous delivery focuses on the frequency of shipping, but there’s often less emphasis on the quality of code a team pushes through. With the essence of agile being “move fast and break things,” software bugs are an expected part of the process. But that doesn’t mean they should fall into the hands of your customers — after all, we rely on our customers to pay the bills.

What if you could ensure that your continuous delivery process is protected by layers of extra testing before it goes to production, then monitored for problems continuously?

Codeship is a hosted continuous delivery service that helps thousands of development teams build and deploy from GitHub, Bitbucket or Gitlab to their production environment, allowing fast and safe automated testing and deployments. Raygun detects and surfaces issues and bugs automatically, and cross-references that data with performance metrics like slow page load speed.

Together, they create a robust error management system for your continuous delivery process, ensuring each deployment is an improvement on the last.

How Raygun and Codeship work together to give even more visibility into deployments and how they affect your app

The Codeship service works by building your app on secure servers, then running any automated tests and deployment commands you need. Codeship will then alert your development team of anything that goes wrong via Slack, HipChat or a variety of other notification options — as well as through your project dashboard.

But what if something goes wrong in production or beyond?

Detecting and diagnosing errors caused by releases is where Deployment Tracking comes in (a feature included in all Raygun plans.) Once installed, Raygun will surface all your deployments run through Codeship alongside an error chart so you can quickly correlate a deployment to a spike in errors:

Raygun Crash Reporting continuously monitors your software when it’s out in the wild, alerting your development team to anything that goes wrong.

Codeship provides the reassurance that you can make incremental improvements to your code safely. Raygun acts as the safety net, showing you which deployment caused problems and the diagnostic details you need to fix them.

Setting up Raygun’s Deployment Tracking with Codeship Basic and Codeship Pro is quick and easy

You can find out more details in Codeship’s documentation.

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