Raygun’s Secret Project – What is #ProjectNeutron?

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There has been a bit of buzz flying around the development community of late as to what exactly #ProjectNeutron is. We’ve even gone to the effort of getting hoodies made (see below).

Now, the team do love a cosy hoodie whilst they are coding away on the Raygun application, they do, but they were particularly excited to pull on this rad piece of attire. Why? Project Neutron is why!

We’ve had many people asking us what this secret and classified project is, but for now we have to remain tight lipped. The team are at full capacity in the Raygun reactor and we’re going to have to leave them in there for a little bit longer (but not too long, we promise).

We’ll be sharing more details throughout August, so be on the lookout for updates. However if you want to be the very first to hear about what we have planned, simply pop your email into the box below and we’ll make sure you’re up to date!