Stay in-the-know: Introducing the Performance Matters newsletter

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As you’re juggling deployments, writing code, and attending meetings there’s not a great deal of time left for staying up to date with the latest trends in tech.

The culture around performance is getting stronger — performance is absolutely a feature, yet the pressure is on to deliver more without sacrificing quality. The good news is that there are companies who have achieved their performance goals — and more. There’s a lot to learn from juggernauts like Netflix, but also the lesser-known performance pioneers breaking the boundaries of what we thought possible.

That’s why we’re launching Performance Matters - a weekly email curation of software performance news and inspiration delivered to you, the tech leader, every week.

Here are a few reasons why you should subscribe.

We’ve noticed an uptick in software professionals talking about software quality and performance. As an industry, we’re starting to ask how we can measure software quality and what that might look like in a high-performing team. With Performance Matters, we want to add fuel to that conversation.

2) Curated by a community, not an individual

At Raygun, we care about performance. Articles are suggested by both our existing community and our internal team, and sometimes our CEO joins in!

Performance Matters

3) Software performance really does matter

Bugs and poorly performing software has a genuine impact on the world way beyond the customer experience. We want to see you meet your software performance goals.

4) Tips and tricks aren’t helpful

Today’s tech leaders need frameworks, strategies, and new ways of thinking to thrive in a competitive environment. Our newsletter focuses exclusively on the above - it’s a zero-fluff read.

So, if you’re just as passionate about software performance as us, subscribe here, and if you have a suggestion, send us an email at