New release: Raygun4Net 5.0

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Today we’re pleased to announce the release of Raygun4Net version 5.0. .NET error handling is better than ever! Here’s a quick look at the improvements:

Compatibility between the Mvc, WebApi and standard .NET NuGet packages

In version 4.0 of Raygun4Net, we split out the Mvc and WebApi support into separate NuGet packages. This solved various dependency issues and we got a lot of positive feedback about this change. The Mvc and WebApi packages are compatible with each other in case you need both in the same project, but the standard Raygun4Net package was not compatible with the other two packages due to assembly and class name conflicts. This wasn’t a priority because the Mvc and WebApi assemblies can do everything that Raygun4Net can do, so you’d never need to install both in the same project. But what about scenarios involving separate projects…

Say you have an Mvc application with Raygun4Net.Mvc installed. You could also have a class library that you have built which the Mvc project has a dependency to. The class library is a standard .NET library with various helpers, so all you need to install is the standard Raygun4Net package. But as mentioned previously, the Raygun4Net.Mvc and Raygun4Net packages weren’t compatible, even in separate projects, so this set up would not work.

By re-jigging the internal structure of Raygun4Net v5, the Mvc, WebApi and standard .NET Raygun NuGet packages are now compatible with each other to support any application structure.

Breaking changes?

The only real breaking change that may affect you in Raygun4Net version 5.0, is if you’ve added the Raygun4Net dll references manually. If you have installed Raygun4Net via NuGet, then you won’t have any problems upgrading to version 5.0. If not, here’s what you need to know:

For Mvc projects, make sure your project references these dlls:

  • Mindscape.Raygun4Net
  • Mindscape.Raygun4Net.Mvc
  • Mindscape Raygun4Net4

For other .Net 4.0+ projects (aside from WebApi projects), make sure your project references these dlls:

  • Mindscape.Raygun4Net
  • Mindscape.Raygun4Net4

For both of the above set ups, you can find all the correct dlls in the Mvc and Net4 folders respectively within the .zip file hosted on the latest GitHub release. Or if you build the Raygun4Net projects yourself with the build.bat script, all the correct dlls will be in the raygun4net/build/Mvc and raygun4net/build/Net4 folders. Or if you build the Raygun4Net projects in Visual Studio, all the correct dlls will be within the bin folder for each project.

Client profile support

Another addition to Raygun4Net version 5.0 is a couple of assemblies targeting the .NET 3.5 and 4.0 client profiles. If you’re building a WPF, WinForms or other desktop application that targets the client profile, you can now integrate Raygun error reporting into them. This is available in both the Raygun4Net and Raygun4Net.Signed NuGet packages, so simply install the one you need, and follow the usual set up instructions for WPF or WinForms.

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