How to manage your email notifications inside Raygun Crash Reporting

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Raygun Crash Reporting wants to keep you regularly updated on the health of your software. This means that any time your software throws an error, Raygun Crash Reporting will automatically keep you in the loop by sending an email notification containing the diagnostic details you need to fix it.

You may find however that you are receiving more notifications than you had originally expected (due to larger than expected error volumes or not having changed your default notification settings). This article will show you how to change your notification settings to allow important details to arrive safely in your inbox, but cut the noise.

manage email notifications properly and avoid too many notifications coming into your inbox

How Raygun sends emails

By default Raygun Crash Reporting will send you notifications in the following scenarios:

  • Notify on error: When a new type of error occurs, or when a resolved error reoccurs.
  • Notify on repeating error: When an error continues to occur a short while after the first occurrence.
  • Daily digest: A daily report of errors from applications you wish to include in the report.
  • Interaction emails: When a team member comments on an error or changes an error status.
  • If you also have Pulse Real User Monitoring enabled, Raygun will email you:

  • Pulse weekly: A weekly email outlining recent Pulse activity for both Pulse for web and Pulse for mobile.
  • That’s a lot of email notifications! The first thing to note is that if you have set up manual deleting or filters in your email client, you may miss important error notifications that signal something is broken in your app (it defeats the purpose of using Raygun’s tools for error and/or performance monitoring!)

    We also understand that as a company, you may need to arrange to have errors go to one email address which allows your developers to have their own settings.

    There is a better way to make sure you are getting the information you need without all the noise. But before we get into it, let’s review how email notifications work in Raygun:

  • Notifications are an application level setting
  • This means that you can customize the error notifications depending on the application. For example, you may want to receive all the notification types for a production application, but limit or disable the notifications from a test environment.

    • A plan owner can subscribe a team to a set of notifications

    When a Raygun application is first created, plan owners can subscribe team members to the same notification settings. This can be overridden by ticking the checkbox  ‘Manage my own notification settings’ in the ‘Manage Notifications’ settings (see New Applications below for more information).

    • Notifications are user specific

    If you’re not a plan owner, notification settings will only apply to your own account and does not affect the notification settings of your team members. Other team members can change the notification settings by logging into their account.

    Our notification settings are easy to change and should only take a few moments.

    Existing applications

    Step 1

    Click on your user name in the top right corner of the page and click ‘My notifications’:

    manage email notifications properly by starting in the my notifications tab

    Step 2

    Once on the notification settings page, you’ll be presented with a list of applications:

    manage email notifications by checking which emails get sent with Raygun

    From here you can choose what kind of notifications you would like to receive for each application. These types of interactions are mentioned above under ‘How Raygun sends emails’.

    New applications

    When you create a new application, you can configure the notification settings straight away:

    Manage email notifications when you first add a new application

    You can choose the kind of notifications you would like to receive and subscribe the rest of your team to the same notification settings by checking the box next to ‘Subscribe other team members’. Only team members who are under the same plan will be subscribed to the same notifications.

    If individual users don’t want to be subscribed to alerts from the plan owner, they can tick a checkbox in the ‘Manage Notifications’ settings. Then they can manually override the plan owners from subscribing you to an application by checking the box ‘Manage my own notification settings’:

    Manage email notifications by choosing 'manage my own notification settings'


    Raygun settings are easy to find and configure. The notification settings are per user, meaning you can customize the notification settings for each application without worrying about bothering the rest of your team.

    Do you need help with your email notification settings? Reach out to a team member here who will be happy to help.