Feature update: Find out which machine is causing the most errors

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As a software developer looking to debug your application, knowing exactly which servers are generating the errors can make the process much quicker. Raygun Crash Reporting now shows a list of servers (or machines) that are causing errors in an error group report.

Here’s where to find the ‘Machine affected’ feature.

Inside the Raygun Dashboard, click on the ‘Crash Reporting’ menu. The errors are listed and organized into tabs. To see the machine affected, simply click on any of the errors in the tabs underneath the graph:

On the sidebar of each error group report on the right, you will see section labelled ‘Machine affected’. We have also added a handy percentage affected in the right column:

Why this is useful

Being able to see exactly which machine is affected will give your team clues to the source of an error. A typical example could be that you need to see if it’s possible to break out the types of errors and notifications based on environments or types of instances that aren’t being used. If you use a web service like Amazon Beanstalk, any one of your applications may have a dozen machines. Head to the diagnostic details about the specific error in the Raygun Dashboard and check exactly which machine was affected. This will ensure a faster fix. 

Do you have any questions about the ‘Machine affected’ feature? Get in touch with a team member here. 

Many thanks to Koz and Nick for suggesting this feature.