Feature update: Filter errors with no specific version and by phpMyAdmin provider

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Raygun Crash Reporting has a variety of ways to filter inbound errors based on a set of chosen criteria. You were able to filter by:

Filtering options are based on your feedback from our feature request forums.

  1. Errors with no specific version or build number
  2. phpMyAdmin provider

Let’s look at these in detail.

1. Errors with no versioning information

This filter is useful when no version information is supplied, for example in a case where the version is blank or not supplied as part of the payload. If something goes wrong in your code, this filter makes sure that these errors don’t become part of the information that is shown in your dashboard. Another example is if you are in the early development process and aren’t assigning any version information, it could be useful to discard these errors. If someone is working on an old version, you won’t clutter the latest (potentially more important) errors coming in.

To set up this filter, head to the dashboard and select ‘Inbound filters’. Select ‘Versions’ and click on the dropdown labeled ‘Discard requests from versions’:

Update: We have added a ‘Build number’ option to the ‘Versions’ filter. This allows you to filter by build number, for example when mobile platforms supply both a version number and build number.

2. phpMyAdmin provider

This filter is used to discard error payloads generated by phpMyAdmin. This is useful for when you are using phpMyAdmin for your database management and it happens to generate a lot of errors you don’t want to take action on.

To use this filter, head to your Crash Reporting dashboard and select ‘Inbound filters’.  You will see the ‘Provider filters’ container. This list of filters is context specific to your application and will change dynamically depending on which application you have selected. The ‘Show all’ checkbox is also a new addition to the ‘Provider filters’ container. This will reveal all filters regardless of your application:

filter inbound errors by phpMyAdmin

Do you have an inbound filter you would like to see featured? See our feature request forums and make a suggestion.

Contact a Raygun team member here if you need any help to filter inbound errors in your app.