Raygun and Pivotal Tracker work together for a better workflow

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* This article was last updated in June 2018

Here at Raygun, we want to help you build the best workflows so you can build great quality products.

That’s why Raygun Crash Reporting integrates with issue trackers like Pivotal Tracker—the Agile tool of choice for the BBC, IGN, and more. Connecting our products helps you manage software errors by improving your workflow, so you can get on with what you do best—building great software.

With our Pivotal Tracker integration, you can link stories automatically to error groups in Raygun. When Raygun Crash Reporting discovers an error, it pulls the details into a story so you can get the diagnostic details you need, track time better, and empower your development team.

Some benefits are:

Get the relevant information, fast

Say your team is working on a new feature and deploys it out to your customers. Raygun detects a bug and automatically pulls the error details into a story in Pivotal Tracker. You can then click through to Raygun for more diagnostic details on the error. Linking errors to stories saves your team the work of copy-pasting links and diagnostic details from one app to another.

image showing Pivotal Tracker’s analytics feature

Prioritize like a pro

Keep your bug fixes on time using Pivotal Tracker’s time tracking feature. Firstly, prioritize the errors affecting the most users inside Raygun, then allocate the error to a story in Pivotal Tracker with a time estimation. There’s no need to remember which error needs attention and enter it manually—or for a developer to dig into the source code. Our integration does all that for you, so you can save precious project time.

gif showing Raygun prioritize by users affected

Empower your team

If an error occurs on a payment page, you’ll need your best developer on the case quickly. Instead of searching through log files to understand the problem, you can get the information you need for a fix sent straight to you.

Enable Raygun and Pivotal Tracker for a better workflow

Once enabled, you can go to any error group in the Raygun application and see the Pivotal Tracker icon next to the error name. Clicking the icon gives you options to create a new story, or link the error to an existing story.

Pivotal Tracker story

You can find the details on how to set up the integration in our documentation.

If you’d like to try out our integration, but don’t have a Raygun account yet, sign up for a free 14-day trial. There’s no credit card required.