July Launch Notes: Custom timings for RUM, Code filtering and more

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Raygun’s Launch Notes are your regular round-up of all the improvements we made to Raygun last month — from significant features to performance updates.

Real User Monitoring

Custom timings

Custom timings in RUM for more accurate monitoring

We’ve made some major improvements to our custom timings feature in Real User Monitoring:

  • Custom timings are now supported for single-page applications. Track any page timing events on virtual pages.
  • Send any number of timings, at any point in the application’s lifecycle.
  • Custom timings are now fully configurable at the code level, allowing you to seamlessly integrate and manage timings in one place.

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Metrics update to Crash Free Users %

The number of decimal places we show for the Crash Free Users percentage previously showed two significant figures. This now displays to two decimal places, giving a more accurate number to track.

This month’s update also removes the rounding from count metrics on:

  • The single value dashboard tile
  • RUM Sessions and Users tab headers

Search performance enhancement

We’ve deployed an update to the search bar on the main RUM performance page. This update significantly reduces search time so you can quickly find the pages that you’re looking for.

Crash Reporting

Detect Content Security Policy (CSP) violations

Raygun Crash Reporting now supports capturing CSP violations, an added layer of security that helps to detect and mitigate certain types of attacks, including Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and data injection attacks. Configure the reporting API to send violation reports to Raygun and we’ll transform them into a detailed crash report.

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Code filtering

The Blacklist feature has been renamed ‘Code filtering’ and can now be used to not only exclude, but include specific methods within an excluded namespace.

This feature is useful because it helps to filter out unwanted data from captured traces, e.g. short running but frequently called helper functions which are already performant but clog up captured trace data due to being regularly called.

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Agent updates

The latest release of the Raygun APM Agent adds improved support for non-.NET technologies, Ruby and Node. This release also includes general bug fixes for the agent.

We strongly recommend updating to this version to get all the performance benefits.

General updates

Application dropdown and sidebar update

This update moves the application name into the dropdown trigger in the top left of the page and removes the app name from the sidebar.

New version of Raygun4JS

A new version of Raygun4JS is now available which helps fix an issue where Mobile Safari (and other mobile browsers) were not sending events when a page is ‘unloaded’.Read more about what this entails

Improvements to infrastructure

Removing Nginx from the configuration allows us to handle more volume at no additional cost.

Since putting this into production we’ve seen a significant decrease in 5xx errors reported by our load balancer. We’re now handling the full client load with fewer errors experienced by our users.

How Spotlight Reporting save thousands of dollars in operational costs with Raygun

Fixing performance issues faster means that the Spotlight Reporting team can focus on what matters most to the business — building and delivering features for customers. They tell us “The more stable our software is, the fewer bugs we introduce. Finding and reacting to bugs earlier enables us to deliver features that actually matter.”

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Raygun 101: How to use Raygun to deliver great software experiences

Custom timings in RUM for more accurate monitoring

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You can choose to attend webinars on August 18th, September 1st, or September 15th, or, stay tuned for the recordings.

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