iOS Crash Reporting with Raygun now available!

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I’m super pleased to be announcing the public beta of our native iOS Crash Reporting, including automatic symbolication support! If you have a native iOS app, I encourage you to give it a try and provide feedback on the experience.

Getting started

Getting started with native iOS crash reporting is as easy as with our other providers. Create a new application from the Raygun web app, select iOS, and follow the few steps.

We’ve started out using Cocoa Pods to make it as easy as possible to get started. Follow that with a couple of lines of code and you’re done.

Automatic Symbolication

If you’ve built for iOS before, you’ll know that default crash dumps are pretty unreadable. Having a dSYM file available for a specific build means you can convert memory addresses into method names, class names, line numbers and file names (a process known as symbolication). That makes fixing a crash a lot easier!

Raygun supports this by having you upload the dSYM file for your build.

At present you can upload & manage your dSYM files from the ‘dSYM Center’ under your application settings. Simply upload the DSYM file for your build and we’ll do the heavy lifting on our servers when we receive a crash report from your iOS app. If you’re just moving to Raygun and have older DSYM files from previously released builds you can upload them too.

We are looking at streamlining the upload process even further.

Mobile intelligence

Mobile devices are not always connected so the Raygun iOS provider supports semi-connected scenarios. If there’s an app crash but no active connection then the Raygun provider will save the crash data and try re-sending next time there is a connection available.

Always secure

Crash data can be sensitive. That’s why every part of Raygun has been built with security in mind – from the always encrypted SSL communication channel, to the way we tenant data in our environment.

64 bit ready

Raygun native iOS crash reporting works perfectly with older devices and the new 64bit devices (even the gold ones! ;-))

Just the beginning

We’ve had several customers working with the iOS crash reporting to help test it in the real world. There will however likely be gremlins in the system that haven’t been discovered yet. We appreciate any and all feedback on your experience.

Further to this, we also have a lot of great features we’re bringing to Raygun, and the iOS provider in early 2014.

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