Feature Release: Save Your Error Quota With Inbound Filters

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One of the most frequently asked questions here at Raygun is:

How do I reduce my error quota?

(For our top 6  tips on reducing your error quota head to this blog post)

We know it’s inevitable that when you create a new feature or version, there will be bugs.

With Raygun Crash Reporting, as a user, you’ll know that when an error gets picked up, it’s automatically sent into the ‘Active’ tab.

Firstly, the Raygun Dashboard gives a complete overview of what’s happening in your app. The errors can then be moved to be ‘resolved’ or ‘permanently ignored’ as you see fit.

However, what about if you are consistently releasing features? In this case, bugs are inevitable and aren’t necessarily high alert. 

To stop these errors being counted against your quota, Raygun has introduced our latest feature:

Inbound Filters

You can now create criteria to ignore errors coming from a specific IP address, machine name, HTTP hostname or URL  path, version, error message, tag or user agent.

To make things simple, we’ve also included a quick list of the most requested inbound filters that you can simply toggle on and off as needed.

You can now stop worrying about errors coming from legacy versions going against your company’s cap. By filtering them out, they won’t count towards the final error quota.

Inbound filters are a new feature available to all plans. Follow the instructions below to set up inbound filters:

(Note: You can create multiple inbound filter criteria. If the error matches any of the criteria, Raygun will discard it. Great if you have one member of your team working on a new version release.)

Step 1. Head to your Crash Reporting application

From here, select the ‘Inbound filters’ option:

Inbound filters are available in the Raygun Crash Reporting sidebar

Inbound filters are available in the Raygun Crash Reporting sidebar

Step 2: Select inbound filter

From here, select an inbound filter based on the following criteria:

  • IP address
  • Machine name
  • HTTP hostname or URL path
  • Software version
  • Error message
  • Tag
  • User Agent

You can also toggle some of the more frequently requested filters on or off as shown:

Easily toggle filters on and off


If you have any questions on Inbound Filters or getting them set up check out our documentation page, comment below, or contact our support team.

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5 Comments on “Feature Release: Save Your Error Quota With Inbound Filters”

  1. Alex L

    Hey is there an API available to automate these? The version filter seems really useful but releasing new builds several times a day would mean having to manually update it several times right?

    Cheers, Alex

    1. Freyja Spaven

      Hi Alex, sorry there is no API. Would you really want to be filtering out all issues other than the latest version? If you want something along the lines of having it linked to a deployment for example, then I would suggest adding a request in the feature request forum which you can find here: https://raygun.com/thinktank/forum/2

  2. Uzair Aslam

    Can we not filter by handled exceptions and crashes? it would really be nice because i have logged handled exceptions in my code and I need to differentiate between crashes and handled exceptions. Currently all handled exceptions are shown under crashes which creates a false alarm.

    1. John-Daniel

      Hi Uzair,

      We have started adding a tag for unhandled exceptions, which can then be filtered on. You can expect additional features around this in future also as we roll it out to more providers.

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