Enhanced Error Filtering Now Available!

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Lets talk about filters. I can see you’re getting super excited about that…..no? Well, stick with me here. We’re not talking about the ones that you might use to filter your water, air or that horrendous coffee you used to drink, but the kind that just make your life so much easier when hunting down bugs.

If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve now introduced the ability to** quickly complete error filtering by Operating System and by Browser** to go alongside our other helpful filters in the Raygun app.

All you have to do to use this wonderful addition is click the filter button on the right hand side of the main dashboard. Here you’ll find the new additional options to try out.

Filter by Operating System

Select Operating System from the dropdown and enter the OS you want to filter upon. Applying the filter will show you all the errors affecting the chosen Operating System(s).

Filter by Browser

Select Browser from the dropdown and enter the Browser version you want to filter upon. Applying the filter will show you all the errors affecting the chosen Browser(s).

Once the filter is in place you can browse through the errors that fit under this criteria, adding additional time and date filters if you need to. The filters are easily removable of course, just click to close them on the main dashboard above the error instances.

That’s pretty much it for this update, we’ve heard people are already finding these filter extremely useful in narrowing down those hard to find bugs.

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